IRABI Legal Chronology of the Americas 1492-1968
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IRABI Legal Chronology of the Americas 1492-1968

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The Implications & Ramifications of the Artificial Black Identity: Including a Legal Chronology of the Americas 1492-1968


By: Phoenix Moon, Chief Tureygua, Tomahawk Tony
Do you have questions? This book has many answers.
Within this text you will learn the true meaning & purpose of the term "black" when applied exclusively & specifically to define the Autochthonous Aboriginals of American Ancestry along with the fundamental principles to correcting & securing your true identity.
Ask yourselves why is it our neighbors known as the West Indians & this region known as the West Indies are identified as such?
Since this is true, why is it our American Indian Peoples in the North, Central & South are not referred to as North Indians, Central Indians & South Indians?
In North America our American People have been referred to as "Black" Americans which by default is defamation of character along with these American Peoples being denationalized.
The Aboriginal Peoples of the Americas have a long, elaborate & sophisticated history that has been thoroughly documented by numerous authors from the 16th-19th centuries.
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